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As we all know, Parkinson's Disease is a chronic condition. It will progress with time and eventually we are going to need other treatments besides medication and supplements in order to control our condition. Currently I am familiar with 2 of them, one is Deep Brain Stimulation or DBS, that maybe you have heard from your Doctor, which is an invasive procedure where the Surgeon will open your head in order for them to be able to insert a wire thru your brain and into the basal ganglia. Then this wire will be connected to a battery

that will be installed somewhere between your neck and chest, sending an electrical stimulation to the brain that can cause a significant improvement on your symptoms. The other one is Focused Ultrasound or FU. This one is newer, non invasive and just like it's name suggests its a treatment where hundreds of ultrasound waves are focused in to one spot in the brain, creating an abrasive lesion in the brain without having to enter or cut in to the brain. The process is done wearing a special helmet while being inside an MRI machine. Nevertheless this procedure has not been fully approved by the FDA and can only be done in one side of the brain, plus you will need around $30,000 to be treated. Currently it is approved for essential tremors but clinical trials are ongoing. For more info, contact the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Neurosurgery at 410-328-5332. 

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To learn more about Deep Brain Stimulation. 

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To learn more about Focused Ultrasound. 

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