About Supplements

Have you recently been diagnosed with Parkinson?

Have you been living with Parkinson for a while now, and you are not taking any supplements to assist your medicines in the treatment of this condition?

Would you consider lowering the amount of medicines you are consuming? 

If you answer yes to any of this questions, then you have come to the right place. 

The first thing you have to do is talk to your Doctor about what supplements he will recommend for you. There are many Doctors that can be very conservative and maybe they'll only treat you with medication, but on the other side there are Doctors like my Doctor which believes in attacking Parkinson from all angles. If your Doctor only wants to treat you with medicine, I strongly suggest you too look for another Doctor, one that gives you alternatives for your treatment and who you feel comfortable dealing with. Remember, you are in this for the long run, so building that relationship with your Doctor is very important. 


Now that you have agreed with your Doctor that you are going to add supplements to your treatment you have to know what are you going to add. Basically, you could divide them in 2 groups, the antioxidants, who could help you slow the progress of the condition and the stimulants I would call them, that could help you with the production and proper consumption or use of the Dopamine. Here is a list of the supplements I consume: 

- CoQ10

- Folic Acid

- Glutathione

- Mucuna Pruriens 


- Vitamin B1

- Vitamin B 12

- Vitamin C

- Vitamin D3

(tab on top of each supplement name for more info)

There are other supplements, but this are the ones that have worked for me. Remember that on Parkinson, every patient is different, and we don't all react the same way to treatment. By implementing daily consumption of this supplements I have been able to lower my Carbidopa /  Levadopa to half of what  I used to consume. 

How to start?

Start with one supplement at a time. Take it as recommended by your Doctor. Now that you have started, you have to observe yourself, see how you are feeling, take notes so that you can discuss them with your Doctor, you have to be consistent. In my case, whenever I would start a supplement, I would start it on a Friday, that way I would have the weekend to observe myself and either continue with the supplement, or stop taking it. For example, there are 2 supplements, milk thistle and magnesium, that I tried at one certain moment that have worked for some Parkinson's patients but in my case they provoked a feeling of anxiety that I didn't like so I stopped taking them. If you don't feel any adverse reaction, then keep going and every week add something new. Remember to always keep your Doctor informed about how you are feeling.   

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© 2019 supplements for Parkinson. Disclaimer. All recommendations or suggestions are based on the personal experience of the owner who was diagnosed with Parkinson in the year 2010. Under any circumstances you should quit your Parkinson medications unless directed by your doctor. Before starting any supplement always consult your doctor.